Machine Learning for Medicine, Healthcare, and Dentistry

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Papers in this category can be broadly divided into several categories:

  • SCOPES project Predicting patient’s future health state - Development and deployment of fast, effective, and interpretable algorithms for healthcare. The goal of the project was to design and learn machine learning models aimed at predicting patient’s future health state. However, due to sensitivity of the domain, we had to think of ways to develop and deploy fast, effective, and interpretable algorithms.
  • Work with fantastic Mia Rakić in dentistry area.
  • Work with Nevena Veljković and Vladimir Perović from Institute of Nuclear Science, Department for Bioinformatics and Computational Chemistry in bioinformatics.
Sandro Radovanović
Sandro Radovanović
Assistant Professor at University of Belgrade

My research interests include machine learning, development and design of decision support systems, decision theory, and fairness and justice concepts in algorithmic decision making.