Sandro Radovanović

Sandro Radovanović

Assistant Professor at University of Belgrade

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences


I am an assistant professor in the Center for Decision Making at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences. My research builds on designing and developing machine learning models and decision support systems, as well as employing concepts from decision theory in real-world applications. I am particularly interested in enforcing fairness and equality in algorithmic decision making.

I obtained my PhD from the University of Belgrade in 2021, under the supervision of Milija Suknović, with Boris Delibašić and Zoran Obradović as thesis committee members.

I’m blessed to work in a lab full of fantastic people. Beside my mentors Milija Suknović and Boris Delibašić, I work with Miloš Jovanović, Milan Vukićević and Andrija Petrović.

Currently, I serve as an initiative-wide operations and social media team member at the Mechanism Design for Social Good. Also, I’m a board of assistant member at Euro Working Group on Decision Support Systems from May 2018.

I would be more than happy to discuss and share ideas, or chat if you have any question!

Download my resumé and my full bibliography.

  • Machine Learning
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Decision Theory
  • Fairness and Justice in Algorithmic Decision Making
  • PhD in Information Systems, 2021

    University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences

  • MSc in Information Systems and Technologies - Business Intelligence, 2013

    University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences

  • BSc in Information Systems and Technologies, 2012

    University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences

Current Positions

University of Cambridge, Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine
Visiting Postdoc Researcher
Feb 2023 – Present Cambridge, UK
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences
Assistant Professor
Dec 2021 – Present Belgrade, Serbia
Teaching subjects related to the Data Science in general. More specifically, Machine Learning, Decision Theory, Decision Support Systems, Business Intelligence, and Data Warehouses.
World Bank
Machine Learning Engineer
Jan 2023 – Present Belgrade, Serbia

Recent Publications

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(2023). Extracting decision models for ski injury prediction from data. In ITOR.

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(2022). Structured prediction of sparse dependent variables for traffic state estimation in large-scale networks. In ASC.

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(2022). Changing criteria weights to achieve fair VIKOR ranking: a postprocessing reranking approach. In AAMAS.

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(2022). A study on ski groups size and their relationship to the risk of injury. In JSET.

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